Homeward Bound II : Lost in San Francisco

L'Incroyable Voyage 2 : À San Francisco ou Retour au bercail 2 : Perdu à San Francisco au Québec (Homeward Bound 2 : Lost in San Francisco) est un film sorti en 1996 et réalisé par David Richard Ellis. Il est la suite de L'Incroyable Voyage (1993)


Shadow le vieux Golden Retriever, Chance le fougeux bouledogue et Sassy la délicate chatte himalayenne sont de retour. En route pour les vacances, la famille Seaver s'envole pour le Canada perdant malencontreusement ses fidèles compagnons cherchant en vain à regagner la maison, la joyeuse troupe s'égare dans les rues de San Francisco. Nos trois amis, peu habitués à l'inhospitalité urbaine, se retrouvent vite confrontés aux situations les plus insolites. La route qui les ramènera chez eux sera longue, périlleuse et riche en rencontres inattendues.

Fiche technique

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  • Réalisation : David R. Ellis
  • Musique : Bruce Broughton
  • Scénario : Chris Hauty & Julie Hickson
  • Montage : Michaël A. Stevenson
  • Musique : Bruce Broughton
  • Photographie : Jack Conroy
  • Chef décorateur : Michaël Bolton
  • Produit par Barry Jossen
  • D'après les personnages du roman "The incredible journey" de Sheila Burnford
  • Société de production : Walt Disney Pictures
  • Langue : anglais

DVD Disney famille (3 459370 471229): 85 min / Format 1.33 / Anglais DD 5.1 / Français & italien 2.0 surround

Distribution et doublages

Distribution des acteurs

Voix originales

Voix françaises

Voix québécoises

Autour du Film

  • Ce film est connu sous le nom Retour au Bercail 2 : Perdu à San Francisco au Québec
  • On appelle également ce film Le Long Chemin 2
  • Il fut prévu en 2005 de tourner L'Incroyable Voyage 3 : La Nouvelle Aventure mais le projet fut annulé.



Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco is the 1996 sequel to the 1993 film Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. Directed by David R. Ellis, the film features the three animals from the first film, Shadow the Golden Retriever (voiced by Ralph Waite, replacing Don Ameche, who died in 1993), Sassy the Himalayan cat (Sally Field), and Chance the American Bulldog(Michael J. Fox). It also features the voice work of SinbadCarla GuginoTisha Campbell-MartinAdam GoldbergAl MichaelsTommy Lasorda, and Bob Uecker.

The film was released on March 8, 1996, and went on to gross over thirty million dollars at the box office.[1]


The owners of Shadow the Golden Retriever (voiced by Ralph Waite), Sassy the Himalayan cat (Sally Field), and Chance the American Bulldog (Michael J. Fox) decide to take a family trip to Canada. At the San Francisco International Airport, the animals escape after Chance panics and breaks free from his carrier. After eluding airport authorities, the animals find themselves in the city of San Francisco, with home on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

During the journey Chance bumps into a Boxer called Ashcan and his Bulldog friend Pete. Annoyed he refuses to let them past but Shadow tries to tell them they are just trying to get home. They don't listen and say they are going to eat Sassy. She hides on a window sill and Shadow and Ashcan fight. After a few seconds Sassy yells to Shadow that they have reinforcements, but it turns out to be, as Pete calls them, "Riley's gang". They help them and say that the city is no place for pets. Shadow explains they are lost and Riley points out that Chance is missing, He ran off as the gang arrived. Riley calls his friend Delilah, a Kuvasz, to run after him. She finds him in a light alley and explains why she was chasing him.

As the other members of the gang are walking down the street they see, what they call, the "Blood red van" and hide. Shadow asks what it is for and Riley explains it takes dogs of the streets to a place called the lab. After it passes, Shadow asks Riley if he can help him and Sassy find a golden bridge, which he remembers passing on the way there. Riley explains that he can't because a bridge means cars and cars means humans and he doesn't trust humans. So they thank him for his help and head off to look for the bridge themselves. Meanwhile Delilah and Chance are walking in the park. He explains why they are in the city and when he asks her why Riley doesn't like humans she explains that he was abandoned as a puppy and decided to make a home for other stray dogs to protect them from all humans. Chance realizes he's fallen in love with Delilah and they head out of the park.

Later while walking down a street Pete and Ashcan notice Shadow and Sassy walking down it too. They plan to jump at them but miss their chance. Round the corner Shadow sees a house on fire and remembers it holds that little boy named Tucker and his cat. Realizing they are still in there he runs in through the basement window and looks for them. Sassy goes in after him and looks for the kitten. Shadow comes out a few moments later with Tucker right behind him, then Sassy appears with the kitten. Tucker thanks them and they continue on. As they cross the street Riley and his gang tell them that they did a great job rescuing the boy and kitten and say they can stay with him until they find Chance.

As they return to the gang's hideout they notice Delilah and Chance are already there. Riley tries to explain that they are different but they won't listen and head outside. The next day, Chance notices a tire and begins to chew on it but doesn't notice the "Blood red van" driving through the gates. While all the other dogs are inside Chance gets captured and driven to the lab. While there the van is stopped by the gang, Chance and the other dogs are set free, and it reverses into the river for good. Delilah then explains to Chance that Riley is right and they cannot be together. He gets upset and runs off. By now, Riley has told Shadow if humans mean that much to him he'll take them to the bridge.

On their way home before crossing the bridge they are ambushed by Ashcan and Pete but Chance appears and fights them off. They cross the bridge and are found by their owners on a road and return home but Chance is still upset about Delilah but then he sees her appear from around the corner and they are reunited. Bob agrees she can stay, much to Chance's glee, and they continue with their picnic.


Voice cast


The movie had a mixed reception.[2][3][4]

Box office

The movie debuted at No.4.[5]


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